What a couple of babes.


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Happy Birthday, Aleks - hope you have an amazing one because you only deserve the best!

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STaPH BEing PerFECTion

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james’ impressions of the creatures

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Title: Laughter
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You gotta love Seamus laughing.

its awfully rare to hear seamus laugh, this is lovely

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Really hope Dan got some rest this weekend and didn’t have to worry too much about the office while everyone was away. Hopefully two weeks of hazing Dex will make up for last week.

(Hopefully this drawing doesn’t offend anyone. I was trying to things getting back to normal… In a creatures sort of way.)

Thanks, I’m ready for things to be back to normal. I’ve been taking the last few days just relaxing with Liz. Going to the movies, playing video games/board games, talking to my family and just generally ignoring the internet for the most part.

What happened was pretty hard to go through and deal with and I’m glad everyone understood me not attending PAX Prime because of it.

It’s been a good and much deserved break these last few days. I’m excited about the future though. With Dex visiting and Kevin joining the group we’ll only be stronger. And in turn, I’ll be stronger for it. 

I don’t take for granted the position I’m in. I work with friends who I love to death and I get to work at my dream job. I am the luckiest guy around and I’ll never forget it.

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