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Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin and end just like the one before and even the one before that. It’s just a never ending loop of the same shit, different day. Most days have no particular impact on life until fate runs its course. Enter Jordan Mathewson, leader of The Creatures, and the anchor to everything that Aleks could have never imagined. Unfortunately for him, Jordan’s not a weight so easily removed.

A story about pushing limits, finding a family in the darkest places, and how a man discovered that he had turned into the wrong person.

An AU Creatures fanfic centered around gang life.


Yay It’s finally done!! ;u; I’ve been working on this piece of poop since episode 2 of Supercast and I got it done just in time for it to be completely irrelevant lmao oh well.

Also fuck trying to find a reference of Aleks’ tattoo—I give up that’s what it looks like now, so fight me.

why do you always tag sp00ns stuff with me n selfie n whatever else??

i’m sorry? i don’t understand the question…come again



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