“I am #15 In Russia’s top charts. There are only 12 DJs.” — DJ FunkyFresh 2014 (via barakatpunk)


JUst wanted to try drawin in a different style sorta like Mallius’ uvu

now presenting: aleks laughing at stuff he doesn’t find funny because james laughing makes him happy ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ it’s like a heart eyes emoji is glued to his eyes


tvhead!James imagefinally finished colouring this after a month of it sitting around in my folder image

I just wanna tell you that I LOVE your fanfic. It's literally amazing, seriously. I check to see if it's updated all the time, and it makes my day when it is. I think it's super great and I love it. If you choose to continue with it, then I'm sure you'll continue to keep up the fantastic work! :)

aw, thank you!!! that’s really sweet XD i plan to continue with it for as long as i have the muse! i usually try to update it every thursday if that helps lol


creature tumblr icons 1/?
  • all from their pax panel
  • 4 for each creature bc i’m lazy shhh
  • they’re all 64x64, perfect for your tumblr icon
  • please like this post if you’re using


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